Monday, 25 March 2013

Cay Tre in Soho

For some reason I thought I had already reviews the Soho branch of Cay Tre, but it seems not, which is a bit odd, as I’ve eaten there on several occasions.
If you’ve eaten at Viet Grill or Cay Tre on Old Street then the Soho branch will not give you any surprises.
Maybe I’m wrong but the lunchtime specials are slightly more expensive than it’s east end cousins, but this is Soho we are talking about, so it’s to be expected.
My recent visit was for a sneaky Bun Cha between interviews with prospective new employees.
Bum Cha is with out a doubt one of the best street food dishes ever. Sitting on small plastic chairs kerbside in Hanoi has been the best experience in my life. I just wish I could live in Vietnam to have it everyday.
Cay Tre serve up one of the better versions of Bun Cha in London. I prefer mine with crispy spring rolls, seem to becoming addicted to them recently, which I am sure is not a bad thing.
The only negative thing I can say about the dish was that the normally dipping sauce is served on the side, but this time it was sitting at the bottom with everything on top, which meant not everything had a chance to bathe in it. A shame, but as I said the only negative thing I can say about it really.

Cay Tre really go to town on their Pho’s, although I have not tried them all I have to say that the Ox Cheek Pot au Feu is still one of my favourites there, but as I said I haven’t tried them all.

The building it is in has seen many reincarnations in its lifetime. I remember it when my favourite no thrills Malaysian joint suddenly moved from its small shop near to Chinatown and become all posh and flash and serving the same delicious food but at vastly inflated prices. It never lasted long.
I think afterward it became a Korean then Japanese restaurant, now Cay Tre seem to be settled there.
So if you are after a great bowl of noodle soup or some other delicious Vietnamese delights, then Cay Tre is the place to be in Soho, if not then head out east and you find many more amazing more local style Vietnamese restaurants along the Pho Mile.

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The Artichoke Adventures said...

Love to be able to eat Vietnamese food here in Valencia.We have some great food but no Vietnamese