Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Post Holiday Blues @ Four Seasons

Well it’s been a few weeks now since we returned from China and yes I will get around to blogging about it one day soon.
So we were pining for China and wanting to be back there instead of being in London on a wet, windy and generally dreary Sunday.
So finding ourselves in Chinatown to stock up on supplies, I’m feeling its time to get back to eating noodle soups again. Think sufficient time has passed.
We were also pretty hungry and well Chinatown being Chinatown there is a montage of Chinese restaurants to choose from.

Four Season’s always has a queue outside, which in a country in the world is a god thing, plus having heard good things about Four Season, mainly about the Bayswater branch and its famous Duck and Crispy Pork belly.
Within a few minutes we were sitting at a table in their downstairs dungeon with menus in hand and bellies rumbling.
Four Season’s is your typical old skool Cantonese restaurant with old skool décor and close knit tables.
To say the menus are large is an understatement, I think the waiters knew it would take us a while to get through them, so they left us alone for a while.
So after much deliberation and looking at other peoples tables to see what they were eating. Some good looking food here.
So after much deliberation we order some Crispy Pork Belly, as the Duck didn’t actually look that good, plus the faces on the people on the table next to us didn’t fill us with confidence about it.
We also ordered the braised aubergine with minced pork hot pot, choi sum and some rice to soak up the juices form the aubergine.
The service is pretty slow here, but it is a busy restaurant and they are rushing around here, there and everywhere.

The Crispy Pork arrived and looked the part. Nicely sliced and presented with a mustard dipping sauce to the side.
The pork skin was crispy and had a nice crunch to it, but it was not fridge cold, but had been taken out of the fridge to get to room temp. a little. I was expecting this to be hot or at least warm but not cold. But it was a great piece of pork.
Between us getting the pork to our net dish was about 15 minutes and that dish was our plain rice. Luckily the pork was cold.
Maybe 10 minutes later our hot pot and veggies arrived. Finally.

The veggies were ok, nothing special, but the aubergine was really good, falling apart, soft and a little piquant with a really good sauce that the rice did exactly what we wanted it to do, which was to soak up all that liquid. Delish.
The food at Four Seasons was pretty good, the service pretty bad, décor bland, ambiance jovial, really reminded us of being back in China which I think we needed big time as suffering form post holiday blues is the worst.
Even though we enjoyed it, I;m not sure if I’ll be rushing back in a hurry.

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