Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lobzilla is here again

I’ve always had fun at Belgo’a, from team nights out where the generous Mike Gooley would regard us with a few hundred pounds to go and get drunk and have fun after a few months of happy selling.
Belgo’s became a popular night out spot at Trailfinders, not only because we ate well, but we were all and they probably still are lovers of great beer.
Belgo’s is famous for a few things, mussels and frites, it’s excellent range of Belgium Beers and it’s annual Lobzilla Fest.
After receiving the invitation to attend the Lobzilla this was one event I was going to attend, not only as pre mentioned that I love beer, but lobster is a fave of mine as well, and mix the pair, oh my I’m in heaven.

The annual Lobzilla is basically a month long Lobster Fest, with 3 special Lobster dishes for this month only a Lobster Cocktail, a whole lobster salad and the star of the show, Lobzilla, a whole grilled, straight from the deep with frites, aioli and salad.
We were treated to an incredible night of lobster and beers and of course the knowledge of the Beer Sommelier Skender and the Head Chef, Chef Muir, who gave us a very good demonstration of how to make the Lobster Cocktail and how to dispatch a lobster. He made it look so simple, but he is the professional.

The Lobster Cocktail was divine, a posh version of that 1970’s dinner party favourite, but this has been totally transformed with a light tangy dressing and chicory, which with the crunchiness adds not only taste but also good texture.

We got to try half a lobster and sirloin steak, been a while since I had a Surf n Turf, so I opted for that instead of the salad or the whole lobster, well too much of a good thing can be wonderful.
Well what can I say, lobster cooked perfectly, great garlic butter, crispy salty fries, a well cooked tasty medium rare steak and a good as I can do aioli, great for dipping those fries in.

It’s been a whole since I had had a lobster and it didn’t disappoint, perfectly cooked, firm and moist and most important of all, you could actually taste the lobster.
We made friends pretty quickly with the Beer Master, a great guy called Skender, I highly recommend that when you next goto Belgo’s, ask for him and just let him choose your beers and you will not be disappointed.

When we sat down, we were offered a beer of our choice, we let our host choose for us and he did us proud.
I was given a glass of Zot Blond, a lovely 6% beer to get the party rolling. For the Lobster Cocktail, Skender had chosen the little known Blanche De Bruxelles, this wheat beer, which for me is a superior version of Hoegaarden, it has the same character, plenty of coriander but with the added scent of orange peel. It was the perfect accompaniment for the Lobster Cocktail, light and refreshing and it allowed the lobster to sing.

For the star of the show, ie the lobster, I asked Skander to spoilt me and well, what can I say, the guy done good. I was given a bottle of Delirium Tremens, ahh the best of all Belgium beers in my view. You would have seen one happy sooty sitting there. If you’ve never had a glass of Delirium, then I recommend you go out and get one now. It’s strong, long lasting dry aftertaste. Be prepared it has a high alcohol content and as the name suggests, you will feel it. But damn did it go well with the Lobster and Steak.

For pudding we were treated with waffles and chocolate sauce. Yum bloody yum is all I can say.
During pudding Skander offered us one final beer, we told him to surprise us and surprise us he did. Skander came up with something that to be honest I had never thought of or was possible. A beer cocktail. Yes, a beer cocktail.

The cocktail consisted of half a glass of Lindemans Pecheresse, a subtle 2.5% peach flavoured beer and half a glass of Bush Scaldis, a 12% monster of a beer, supposed to be the strongest in Belgium and similar to Barley Wine, I think this is what caused my mild but growing hangover the following day.
This rocked and hats off to Skander for devising a truly original and awesome beer cocktail. If he ever opens his own bar, then I am a regular. Wow.
But don’t let this homage to the beer maester take away from the impressive food we were served as well from Chef Muir, who has been at the helm of Belgo’s for over a decade now and seemingly still enjoying it.

So from now until the end of August you can enjoy the Lobzilla Lobster Fest 2013 and don’t forget to ask for Skander, you will not regret. 

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A fresh beer in summer time !! nice :)

Odo said...

Hey I was there, sorry we couldn't met. Great event