Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Revisit to Viet Grill

It'd had been quite a while since our last vist to Viet Grill on the Pho Mile, so on this given Sunday after a stenious gym workout we found ourselves outside Viet Grill in the need of some light and filling fayre.

I think we are getting pretty predictable when we order along this road, it's always either crispy spring rolls or salad rolls, In summer a noodle salad is always ordered like my favourite Bun Cha, and a version of Pho, normally the Classic or maybe Bun Bo Hue for some spice. stranget hing is, when we were in Hue we never had their famous namesake dish.

So guess what, we ordered salad rolls of the prawn variety, Bun Cha and to mix things up a little,an ox  cheek Pho. We like ot live dangerously once in a while.

The summer rollls were ok, nothing to write home about, prawns were still juicy and they were wrapped well. Dipping sauce was ok, a little thick but fine. Only niggle was the amount of shredded lettuce in them, not a fan of this way of filling, prefer over herby.

Mainsw ere good, Bum Cha was as good as I remember it here, crispy fried rolls, although the pork missed the taste of an open flame, not expecting them to do it over live coals, but a grill would have charred it a little. Again a lot of bloody lettuce and not enough herbs no idea if this is the way they are going or the chef over ordered on the lettuce and they still had a tonne left, but not a bloody fan. Want more herbs next time guys.

The ox cheek pho rocked, good stock, nice and earthy, noodles still had a bite to them, ox cheek melted in your mouth, damn bloody good. Again not a lot of herbs to go around, disappointing guys, it's the mix of herbs in the stock that gives pho its unique ltaste, well that and e way it's made, which is why you cannot trademark a bloody soup. I'm still reeling from that shit, I was thiing of trademarking steak frittes and then sue every french restaurant that has it in their menu. 

Anyhows Viet Grill was pretty good, even with the over use of shredded lettuce, I just bloody hope it doesn't happen again.

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