Sunday, 20 October 2013

Burger time @ Bukowski Grill

I’ve just realised how inactive I’ve been recently, this is in part because I’m a lazy so and so, and mostly because I’ve been for the last few months writing copy like a mad man for a tour operator I’m now working for.
Writing copy on Asia really takes it out of you, but I need to get some pen to paper soon or the last few months will be a distant memory.
So over the past few months, I’ve eaten some good food, some great food and to be honest some shite food.
But I’m in a positive mood at the o, so let’s begin with the good and the great before we hit the shit.
Bukowski Grill has a couple of branches, one in Brixton Village, which I need to pay another visit again soon, and the other is in hipster Shoreditch in the ever so trendy and quirky Boxpark, the pop-up mall behind Shoreditch station with dubious fashion shops and some ok and not so ok food outlets.
Bukowski Grill or Charcoal-Grill as they call themselves, serving up classic burgers and some with a twist in a Josper grill, impressive.
I tend to order my burgers like my pizzas, the simpler the better, as if they cannot do the basics then what’s the point.

So I ordered the Purist with an extra topping of double Gloucester cheese, and my companion went for one of their specials, the Smoked Pulled Shoulder, with a BBQ mustard mayo in a toasted brioche. Oh and some triple cooked deep-fried in beef fat fries, of course.

Bukowski also supplies its homemade condiments free of charge, which is ice of them, these include a yummy ketchup and piquant scotch bonnet relish, which I smothered on. Nice.
The burger was a lot better than I was expecting, having preconceptions about hipster joints sometimes doesn’t work. The patty was well seasoned and I could actually taste the meaty goodness in my mouth. The cheese didn’t overpower the meat, which was good, maybe the amount of chilli relish I popped on it did.

The smoked pork shoulder was a slight let down, we couldn’t taste any smokiness really, a shame as the pork shoulder itself was melt-in-the-mouth-goodness.
The fries were top notch, whether they needed three times in the fat I don’t know, two may have been enough, but the dripping surely is the only way to cook chips.
All in all Bukowski Charcoal-Grill was a hit and a place I’d with we’d tried a lot sooner. We shall return.

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