Saturday, 26 October 2013

Grilled Brunch at Grillshack

Sundays are made for being lazy, they are the only really day of the week we can relax and potter around and do nothing, it’s on these days that I normally cook up a storm in the kitchen and prepare more elaborate dishes or spend all day making a batch of stock. Heaven.
This Sunday I was even lazier than normal, no gym, no cooking, no nada. I wanted someone to cook for me this day. Plus I was still and still hankering over burgers.
So where….. where …. Shake Shack, yes we will be meeting soon, 5 Guys, hmm no, done them and well you will be reading a really short, not to nicely written piece about that experience, maybe Meat Liquor, ahh no I want to taste the meat not sauces.
Then I remembered Grill Shack, the new eatery on Beak Street, I often walked past it before it opened and laughed at the originality of the name. I bet it took them ages to come up with this name, making good use of marketing or expensive pr companies.

The interior of Grillshack is American dinerish joint with all the new social media gimmicks to boot as well. If you are a particularly unsociable person you do not even have to speak to one of the staff, you can order via their smartphone app or via a consol in the restaurant, but call it tradition I still prefer to speak to a person.
Grillshack does not offer anything new or groundbreaking, infact you could say the menu is a tad unimaginative or even dull, but the food coming form the kitchen is anything but dull. It’s bloody good.
We opted for the burger with cheese as well, a grilled half chicken, seasoned fries and shoe string fries, plus bottomless sodas via our cheerful human waiter.

Gotta admit the food was delicious, the burger, well cooked to medium, but would have preferred medium rare, but they cook it that way. Nice slice of cheese, patty was nice, even a little thin but was a good size.
They certainly do not skip on portions here, as the grilled chicken was quite a size, the flesh was juicy and well seasoned, the skin had been cooked to a crispiness that was making me wonder if it hadn’t been cooked under a brick.

The shoestring and seasoned fries were good, preferring the seasoned fries as I do like chunky chips. Soda is soda, but they also have bottomless coffee as well, not sure even I could drink more than two cups of those babies.
I like Grillshack and will probably be coming back here soon for more food, as I’m wanting to try some of their craft beers, so if you are stuck for a bite when in Soho, Grillshack will certainly fits the bill.

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