Saturday, 13 March 2010

By Jones You Have Some Soul

I’m not sure how I choose to eat at the Great Jones Café, but I’m glad I did. On a cold winters night (although it was spring), the Great Jones Café was more than welcome. It’s warm and welcoming once you enter, like an old lover who welcomes you back after a long time away.
It’s just such a nice cozy place, that every neighbourhood should have a place like this. Welcoming staff, good vibes in the air, nice crowd sitting around chatting and having a great time. Love it.

Being English I have no idea what soul food is, and no idea if what we were served was soul food. Don’t care really, as what we got was fantastic. Just wish we could have eaten more, much more. I was tempted to return before we left, but hey it just never happened. Shame. Real shame.

I don’t know why, but something about the place made me feel aok about ordering the chicken chilli. I never have this in England as you always get a third rate Bolognese doused in chilli sauce and powder. They taste bad and I’m always disappointed that I wasted my money on them. But this time I felt safe doing so. It needed a little bit more pepping up with some sauce on the table but the chicken was moist and juicy. The sauce thick and unxious. It didn’t really need the sour cream, but it made nice white swirls in the chilli. As I had just had a new crown in, I had to ignore the bread. Damn.
Lina’s Ya-Ya Gumbo (no idea what it is) was great. This was the star of the show. It wasn’t what she wanted, as the waitress couldn’t understand what she was saying. Accents I guess. But this brown meaty stew was just what the doctor ordered on a cold windy night. Great, great, great.

After leaving the restaurant we noticed a funny sign outside a fire station, asking for the robbers to give back the iPods and laptops whilst they were out on a call. Is nothing sacred in the world.

We literally stumbled upon Joe’s Pub, thinking it was a pub serving drinks, only to find out it was a live gig happening. We were in need of some liquid refreshement, so why not. We had not heard of the group, PT Walkley. But didn’t mind hearing some new music.

Pretty good they were also, shame they only played for just over an hour, as could have sat and watched them for a lot longer.
We also got a free cd as we left with a few songs on it. Will download it to my itunes one day once we get settled. 

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