Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Noodle Heaven & Taxi Rides

Any restaurant named after an Elvis Costello album has to be eaten at to be believed. Momofuku is a cool noodle bar situated in the East Village. Its interior reminds me a lot of Wagamama. Long wooden benches, lots of hussle and bussle. Cool place.
We were going to come here one night to eat, bit I’m glad we didn’t, as to me it’s more of a lunchtime place than a night time place. But each to his own as they say.

I can’t actually remember what else was on the menu, as it was noodles we wanted and noodles we had.
Just before we arrived we walked past a (refuse to name) fast food joint, with a taxi outside with a sign on top saying “Be Stupid”. Excellent. I’m hoping someone paid that driver to sit outside and warn people not to eat in there. Let’s hope so.

As I said I cannot remember what else was on the menu as we were only interested in the noodles. I had the pork belly and shoulder with a poached egg ramen noodles. I got into egg and ramen soups in Japan. The runny yolk works so well with noodles. That yellow heaven mingling with those noodles. Delish. The pork belly was sweet and tender. Loved it.
Lina has the chilled spicy noodles with some nice spiced sausage and cashew nuts for a bit of texture. The chilli was mild but gave my lips a nice tingly feeling. Missed that. Been a while since we’d had cold noodles. Thankyou Nigella for introducing me to them.

The highlite was the Lagunitas IPA beer. Go there, buy the beer, read the label and you’ll know what I mean. Excellent. You only get that with small time producers. Oh, the beer was really good also.
As this was our last meal in New York and had half an hour or so to get back to the hotel for our shuttle back to Newark. So we decided to take a cab back. Unfortunately we never had a short fat bald guy, ahh 70’s heaven TV. But we did have a tele in the back.

Now I have a personal hate of taxi drivers the world over. I’m sure they all get taught how to rip their passengers off and piss them off. Whatever, from Cairo to Medellin to Hong Kong to Bangkok to Mexico City to Jo’Burg. I hate them all.
Thankfully this guy did his job ok. Got us from A to B and not via E in one piece. He didn’t try and over charge us. Maybe a newie. But I don’t understand this practice of tipping cab drivers. They don’t do anything. You pay for the ride, so why the tip?
Answers please. I’d love to know.  

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