Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lowlander & Belgo Lobster Fest

Once upon a time I used to work for a large travel agency, but after some 5 years I had to get out. It was becoming too much for me.
But whilst I was there, some friends used to organise many a night out or nights away on a pilgrimage to drink quality European beer.
Most of these included nights out at Belgos or Lowlander, both in Covent Garden. Other times we were more adventurous and travelled to the source. Nights away in Brussels and Bruges allowed us to try a wide variety of Belgium beers that are not available in London.
As I haven’t worked there for a few years now, the nights out have all but disappeared with my old work mates. But a few I still keep in touch with. But with a few we still keep up the tradition, which has included nights out to the Dovetail and Lowlander. A night in Belgium was planned, but alas I am here in India.
The last night out we did, was a couple of nights before I headed out for 10 weeks of hotel visits. Last count 73. Maybe more. As you can see I wrote this somewhere in India.
Belgos, every year do a Lobster Fest, and what better way to see me off than a good night of Belgium beers.
We started the night off at Lowlander, a bar that every connoisseur of Belgium beer has been to on many an occasion.
It was a beautiful evening and most people were standing outside taking in the warm glow of the sun before it bade us good night for another day.
As this happened back in mid June I have no idea what I drunk, as after a night of drinking beers with an average 8% alchchol, I was kinda drunk. The stinger at the end of the night, which gave me a stinking hangover the next day, and near total memory loss, was a 10% monster. Not touching that again at the end of an evening.
What I do remember was that we wandered down to Belgos to eat some lobster. Thankfully they seemed to have ditched those monks outfits. They did look a bit silly.
Surprisingly, it was pretty empty. Normally during their Lobster Fest, it’s standing room only.
I do remember (just), that the lobster was sweet and juicy. Perfectly cooked, but then again my taste buds were slightly distorted. But it tasted very good and that is all that matters. The fries rocked also, but they always do. That’s about all I can remember of that portion of the night, apart from, as ever good times ensued.
Much later we returned to Lowlander, as the beers are cheaper and the atmosphere is nicer to drink in. This is where everything gets fuzzy. I remember we read that from a particular beer, some of the profits go to a hamster rescue farm in Belgium. Don’t ask, we couldn’t figure it out, but had to order a round. No idea of the name or what the beer tasted like, but I still get a warm feeling knowing I helped rescued hamsters live out the rest of their days cage free and happy somewhere roaming free on a farm in Belgium. It was one of those nights.
I have since received an email stating the trip to Belgium has been postponed till October. Nice, it’s still on. I feel though we should make a side trip to that Hamster Sanctuary and see where out money has gone to.
As for Belgos and their Lobster Fest. It was as ever a quality night out with friends, which for me is what Belgos is all about. I could never imagine eating there alone. 
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Elsie said...

I really enjoyed Belgo's, but we weren't there for the lobster. We were there to enjoy their express lunch, which was great food, great portions, and excellent price! :)