Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Organica Pizza

As you can tell I am in India at the mo. But I still have a few blogs to write on places before I left Blighty.
The Organica Pizza is at the far end of Gillespie Road. Turn left out of Arsenal tube station and keep walking. It’s on the left near the end of the road. It’s a small shop with a few tables on a wooden patio outside.
As the Regent is so far away for that random night you just fancy something on the spur of the moment. For me this normally involves pizza. So a good takeaway joint near to home is needed.
One such day arrived. As we left the tube station and I decided I couldn’t be arsed to cook. I wanted something quick and easy and tasty to munch on. Organica Pizza popped into our heads and as it is so close to home why not.
Their menu is a little, well not to my taste. They have a Hawaiian pizza on the menu. I should have walked out there and then. But I am willing to try anywhere once, and my radar was not screaming for me to rush out of there in a blind panic. They seemed to be quite busy as telephone orders were coming in thick and fast. Pizzas were flying in and out of their brick oven. So why not give them a chance.

They do two sizes. 12 or 16 inch. Real party food. It’s odd though as you can buy two 12 inches for the same price as a 16inch one. That’s not right. It doesn’t make sense. 
We ordered a 16 inch Rustica. I was in a hungry mood. Order in and paid for. £15.50p, not the cheapest pizza I’ve ever had.
Pizza cooked and in an enormous cardboard box. Within a few minutes we were back home and scoffing our pizza.
It was my fault. I should have done a runner. I mean any place that does a Hawaiian pizza can’t take pizzas that seriously. Or am I just too snobby.
Where to begin. First, the base was pretty tasteless. It had a nice crispness to it, but it lacked any flavour at all. Had they forgotten to salt the dough? No they couldn’t have, it wouldn’t have risen. Maybe the flour. Who knows but it was like eating the cardboard box it came in.
The toppings were ok, but nothing special and did not taste of a 15 quid pizza. As we’ve known all along, organic food is just a rip off. So was this pizza.
We are still looking for a good pizza joint near to home, alas none can match the Regent. Maybe we shall have to move back there after our 6 months in out current flat comes up.
Actually I think that is going to happen. 

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