Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Retro Deserts in India

I have noticed that Indians love their puddings. Everyone on these trips with me has eaten a pudding after their hefty meals. I’m not really a sweet eater, so I am giving them a miss, mainly as I am trying to shrink my ever increasing waistline.
One pudding I had to eat though as it was a real blast from the past was cold custard and sliced banana.
I haven’t eaten this since I was at Junior school in the 70’s. It was a real surprise to have this put in front of me. I couldn’t say no.
It even tasted the same as well. Definitely from a tin, the thickness gave it away as well as the sweetness. Not to dissimilar to Birds. I think I went through most of my childhood eating cold custard, and eating this gave me so many memories I was almost crying with happiness.
The banana was soft and ripe and is the perfect partner to thick cold custard
The only difference was the inclusion of some shaved coconut, which added an extra note to it.
I’ve seen it on many a buffet table now, that dish at the end all on its own crying out to be eaten. Thankfully my willpower is strong and I can say no.
Now I wish I could say no to everything else put in front of me, then I might be able to loose some weight.

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