Friday, 2 April 2010

Sushi Hiro

I used to pass the blanked out windows of Sushi Hiro twice a day as I went to and from Ealing Common tube station for 1½ years. For some reason, as sometimes this just happens we just never entered, even though we knew there was good sushi inside.
Then we moved to Brentford, and trips to Ealing Common became less and less, and Sushi Hiro started to fade from memory. Once we moved to Islington, Ealing Common was a distant memory, and Sushi Hiro was all but forgotten.
So after moving back to London, and the chance to catch up with old friends before they disappear off into the realms of world travel. Sushi Hiro popped back into my mind. Well they do live close(ish), and Lina works closer, so why not. If you can kill two birds with one stone, why not.
Dinner was arranged and Sushi Hiro would be tried and tested. I had never ever seen inside the restaurant. Only ever looking in one window, which showed the ceramic sushi, and a sign saying “Cash Only”. So it was all a bit of a mystery. None of our friends had even heard of it, never mind tried it.
Upon entering I was amazed to find everything white and very bright. In my amazement, I almost missed the welcome you always receive in Japanese restaurant. I would love to hear that in places like Yo Sushi. Fat chance.
Thankfully I had called the day before and reserved a table, as every space available had a reserved sign upon it. A very popular place.
The hours of Sushi Hiro are odd to say the least. It opens at 11am until 1.30pm. Then reopens again at 4.30pm and finally closes for the day at 9pm. The chefs seemed to walk off at dead on 9. Like any good place that sells fish. It is closed on a Monday.
They are not called Sushi Hiro for nothing. They only sell raw fish, either in sushi form, rolled or on top of rice, or as sashimi.
With menu in hand. Drinks were ordered. Sake, sake and some more sake. Well nearly. Cold oolong tea and some seriously sweet plum wine was also ordered. For the ladies, one with and one about to have a headache the next day.
We opted for one of their combination sushi boards with an extra eel and mackerel, and 6 pieces each of rolled salmon and tuna sushi. Plus miso soups.
The miso soup was delish. It was in a small bowl but tasty as hell none the less. The addition of a few clams, still in their shells gave the soup some added texture. Big time.
The sushi all appeared at the same time. With the addition of a nice mound of pickled ginger and some serious nose clearing wasabi. Boy I love that stuff.
Well what can I say really. It was fantastic. The fish had been cut to perfection and sat on top of the perfectly cooked and seasoned rice like a little king on top of his castle. It was pure heaven.
Although it took a few bites to adjust the taste buds to fully appreciate the subtleness of the flavours. But I think it will take a few more visits to really align them to the deftness of tastes that is in Japanese foods. It is going to be some good times ahead I can see.
The eel rocked my world. It was fantastic. The mackerel was pretty damn good also, bags of flavour there. This was the only warm piece of fish. Maybe they think we can eat cold mackerel. Who knows, but it was pretty damn good.
As I said the shop shuts at 9pm. The chef’s begin to clean up and depart. At around about 8.45pm, the waitress comes around and asks if you would like to place another order. This is your last chance. Get you order in and enjoy.
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