Monday, 26 April 2010

Misato – Chicken Katsu Curry

Misato was a place we first visited when we first moved to London over 10 years ago. This was a time when we were pretty broke and we were forced to eat at more economical places.
10 years later, we were back inside ordering what was probably the same meal we had the last time we ate there. We are slightly less broke, but for some reason at this moment we are re-visiting a lot of places we ate at back then. No idea why, but we are. I am pretty sure though we won’t be going back to a few places. Those are better left unmentioned.
Misato sells cheap, large portioned food to hungry people. Mainly students. The food is not particularly well cooked, but the place itself has a charm and a nice vibe. To eat there you must first understand what you are going to receive. This is not fine dining by anyone’s standards.

In places like these, Wagamama included I only seem to eat the Chicken Katsu Curry. This is deep fried breaded chicken breast, a mountain of rice, and a very mild but strong tasting and slightly addictive curry sauce. All this gets served with a small side salad.
We ate at two train stations when we were in Japan, and this is what I ate there both times. So to eat this is a gentle reminder of our time in Japan. Which we enjoyed to no end. Even in Japan the Katsu curry was a very cheap, fast food dish. It is what it is.
The best description I have heard of the katsu curry is that is like school food, and an unashamed excuse for a large volume of rice.

After struggling to finish the food at Misato, and I bet you don’t. Few people do. They will provide a tin foil container to take home for lunch the next day, as you will not be able to eat anymore that day.
So if you are in Chinatown, and do not want to spend a lot of money and are tired of the junk they sell in Chinatown, give Misato a try. Be warned, portion control is out the window.
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