Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Pizza Pub

I have tried to write this blog for ages now. Even before we left for Colombia, I tried and failed. Words have always failed me, no idea why but they do. Even now I am kinda lost for words, but I am gonna plough on and get it done.
Why am I having so much problems writing about a great place to eat and. It’s weird.
I have lost count on the times I have eaten at The Regent. At least once a week, sometimes more for over 6 months, and that was before we left for Colombia. Since our return we’ve carried on from where we left it a year ago.
I remember passing it once many, many years ago when it was being refurbished from  an old mans pub into pizza heaven.
I love the pizzas that they do in the brick oven, which sits in full view of us customers. This gives their pizzas a crispy nicely baked under base. They are thin crust as well, for me this is essential for any place selling decent pizza.
The selection is wide and varied. I’ve only ever tried a few of them though, as I’m kinda picky when it comes to pizza. Their margheritas are as margheritas should be, lots of mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil. Nothing else. They are really good.

The other ones I’ve tried are the smoked pancetta and the anchovy pizza, which has a liberal scattering of red chilli’s. Sometimes very hot, sometimes not. I love all three of them, but the margherita is my choice 99 times out of a 100.
There is something wondrous about pizza. A simple combination of flour, yeast and water combined with a great toppings and a good oven makes heaven. The unfortunate thin is so many places cannot do it well. It’s not rocket science, but attention to detail is paramount.
The beer here is good also, lots of European beers that marry well with the pizzas. Pizza and Leffe is a match made in heaven. They do sell wine, but I’ve never really looked at what they sell. I think it’s mostly Italian. No idea really.
There is also a cool jukebox in the corner spilling out cool tunes all night, this and the buzzing crowd make it a great night out.
Also on the menu are some mixed starter platters, salads and puddings. But I’ve never tried them. I go for the pizzas and pizzas alone. Actually to think about it, I’ve never gone there just to drink a beer. For me The Regent is the Pizza Pub. It’s a place to go and eat pizza and drink beer together. Not separate. Together. I would never dream of going there and just having a pizza, and not drink anything. That would never happen; likewise I couldn’t go in and just drink a beer. The temptation to eat one of their pizzas would be too much. Much too much.
I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks the same. I’ve never seen anyone just drinking a beer. Everyone go there for the pizza. In my view The Regent does the best pizza in London. But then again I haven’t tried pizza everywhere, but the Regent has it all.

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