Tuesday, 23 November 2010

San Daniele Del Friuli

I really do not know what to say about San Daniele Del Friuli. Another disappointment from a small family run restaurant.
Everyone says to eat locally, eat at small independent restaurants. But what do you do when the food you are served is just really not that good. Sometimes you loose faith.
San Danielle is quite a large restaurant on the top of the hill that lads down to Finsbury Park.
We hadn’t expected to eat there. Our first choice was Garufa. Packed. Second option was Juniper. Again it was full. We’d already tried some of the other restaurants on this strip like Au Lac. Let’s not mention that place again. Worst Pho we ever did try. San Danielle was pretty empty. There was a reason for this, but hunger got the better of us. 
Whilst we were looking at the menu, the restaurant reminded me of a typical tourist trap that you would find in either Rome or Florence, which caters to large tour groups.
The menu has all your typical Italian for Beginners dishes that you would recognize form Teesside to Timbuktu.
It wasn’t very inspiring, but Lina got excited at the thought of having lasagna, whilst I had some glee that they had calves liver on the specials board. I am a sucker for offal. It's my first choice every time. 
All what we were hoping for never came to be. What came was a very big disappointment. My liver was over cooked and was very under seasoned to the point where I believe alt is banned in the kitchen under the penalty of death.
The lasagna wasn’t much better. It came in its own dish, and was quite sweet and watery. It had obviously been cooked beforehand and frozen for defrosting at a later date. It’s not hard to cook a decent ragu, but why do some people find it impossible. Ahh who knows.
All I can say is that eating in small local restaurants can be hazardous to your belly. 

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