Thursday, 18 November 2010

Yildiz - My Local Anatolian

It was a kind of a mixed bag with Yildiz. I was hoping for another Mangal, and one on my doorstep. But alas no, but these dreams of mine never ever materialise, especially on this particular strip of Blackstock road.
The décor of Yildiz is pretty simple belaying the neighbourhood feel about the place. As you enter the giant Ocakbasi greets you will a grand smile and in these now dark cold nights its warmth hugs you like an old friend.

The menu is pretty much the standard that I have become accustomed to of Turkish food. Except that this is an Anatolian restaurant. As if I would know the difference. But if you look a little closer you see a few extras that I’ve never noticed on other menus. The infamous Iskender Kebab stuck out like a sore thumb.
Some foods have their DOC’s, but the inventors family in Turkey has trademarked these kebabs. I’ve never heard of this before. I wonder why no one has been sued for cooking this dish.
We ordered a simple starter of some grilled Turkish sausage. It was tasty, but a tad over cooked. I think someone forgot it was there on the grill. Shame.
I had to have the Iskender Kebab, I mean it’s not everyday you eat a trademarked food.
Lina opted for the liver, but to her disappointment they were finished. So she ordered the quail.
All mains come with some nice warm bread, a mountain of rice and a tonne of salad. Which to be honest I would have been happy with just the bread.
My Iskender Kebab was pretty damn good. The thinly sliced grilled lamb was slightly overcooked, but the lovely tomato sauce with thick curds moistened it up somewhat. Those thick yoghurt curds really made this dish and it was a pleasure to eat.

Unfortunately lina’s quail was really over cooked. It was pretty dry and not that nice. I think the grill chef either had a day off or he needs to take some lessons at Mangal.

The service is very warm and friendly and it seems to have a good local clientele. Just a shame the chef needs to be more on the ball. I hope it was just an odd night for him.

But overall it was ok, I mean it's not Mangal, but then again what is. 

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