Monday, 25 April 2011

Abeno Too

I’ve tried to write a review of this place for ages now. But somehow I cannot get the words out.
So I will just say, Abeno Too is a nice place, has a good buzzy vibe, and sells ok savoury pancakes or Okonomiyaki, if you want to be picky.
The staff are friendly and good humoured and do a pretty good job of cooking your pancakes for you. Well it is not rocket science really.
But in the end for what you get it is pretty over priced, but we are in Soho/Covent Garden/China Town. Not to sure really on where to place it. So beggars cannot be choosers.
It’s good to go if you are with a group of mates wanting to try something different, and have never had Japanese savoury pancakes before. I had, and the novelty wore off pretty quick.

PS – The photo’s are from a Okonomiyaki I ate at once in Nara a few years ago.
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