Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lahore Kebab House

We’d been meaning to try the Lahore Kebab House for an age now, but somehow Tayyabs always got in the way. Damn those delicious lamb chops.

But today we somehow made it passed Tayyabs, even though she sensed us in the area, and was calling to us. But somehow we managed to resist the tractor beam and get us to the Lahore Kebab House.
I was a little surprised to see the dining room as it reminded me of many an Indian hotel restaurant. Except this one was packed, most of the ones I went into on that trip were empty.

The food coming out of the kitchen all looked and smelt fantastic so we wasted no time in ordering some food as we were starving.
First up was a Karahi Kebab. Lovely pieces of kebab meat served in a delicious tomato sauce. The kebab meat was tender and juicy, the sauce a little picante, not enough but good enough for my blasted taste buds.

Then the Butter Chicken, which was the low point of the meal. Way too oily and not enough flavour in the sauce. It really was a bit of a struggle to enjoy eating this dish.

The Sag Aloo was damn nice. Not enough tatties, but the flavour was really good. I could of just eaten this all night.

The Pilau Rice was your bog standard Indian restaurant rice dish. Nicely cooked, seasoned well and soaked up the sauce, as it should do. The Keema Naan, my all time favourite in any Indian restaurant, was some of the best I’ve tasted. Nicely cooked in the Tandoor, and the filling had some real good flavour to it. Yum yum.

All in all it was a pretty damn fine meal, and made especially good as India came back from a bad opening session to beat the Windies, and qualify for the knock out stages. All’s well that ends well. But next time I will let Tayyabs tempt me in through its doors again.

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