Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Polpetto - Upstairs at the French House

Number two in this trilogy of small dining restaurants like the original is a big success. I’ve deliberately made myself wait to eat at Polpetto. No idea why, as I am sure it hit the ground running very comfortably, and all flaws and mistakes had been ironed out in Polpo anyhows. But it is the way I am.
It is above the French House, which is a good place to wait with a drink, as unlike Polpo there is no bar to relax at whilst your eyes burns holes in the diners heads so they will hurry up. When your table is ready you are sent a text to come and eat. But with a good pub downstairs you do not need to wander far, as you’ve only 10 minutes from text to table.

The French House is an odd but enjoyable place full of Sohoites, pre and post theatregoers and general stragglers that give it such a nice vibe.
Polpetto is small. This is really my only criticism I have of the place. This in turn means the tables are a little too close together. Our dining neighbours were both in the midst of their own love life crises. Which was quite funny as both of them were flirting like mad with the waiters, and I mean flirting. I’m not sure if the waiters really wanted this extra attention, but they played along very well. Probably just for the large tips they may get at the end in one form or another.

The food at Polpetto is delicious. Highlights were the zucchini chips and the breaded fish with a homemade gribiche dipping sauce. Delish.

We munched our way through about 6 plates, and all were very yummy. Especially loved the creamy polenta and ox cheek, but it did need a tad more seasoning.
I loved the smallest wine glasses in the world. Definitely makes for drinking a bottle of wine slowly. Thankfully no rush from the staff to sling your hook once you’d finished eating.

I tried to return a few days later with a friend, but he was not keen on the wait. When it comes to queue or not to queue, he is a fan of the later. Shame, as he missed out on a great meal.
Can’t wait to finish the trilogy.

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Tom said...

Polpetto is one of those places I definitely want to go to when back in London but like your friend I probably can't stand the wait... which seems as thought it will be a shame!