Sunday, 10 April 2011

Finally I make it to Franco Manca

I’m glad we waited to eat at Franco Manca. The chilled midweek service maybe does not have the same vibe as for example a Saturday lunchtime, but strolling up and getting a seat straight away, and also getting a choice of tables was a big big bonus.

I’d heard a lot about the pizzas here, and with everything I had read, I kinda knew how good they were going to be. Sometimes knowing too much beforehand can lead to disappointment. Thankfully this time it did not.
The homemade sourdough slowly proved overnight makes these the best pizza bases in town. These are true gourmet pizzas in every sense of the word, and at such a low price, a steal also.

Both our pizzas were fantastic. My Gloucester Old Spot cured ham, ricotta and mushroom pizza was everything one could hope for in a pizza. The ricotta was smooth and was a nice creamy texture compared to the ham and mushrooms.

The chorizo pizza, part picante, part not was one of the nicest combos I have had. It mixed well with the pillowy pizza base, especially as it had been drizzled in chilli oil.

I really like this place, it’s basic exterior hides the fact that it delivers food that could be served in a top end gourmet pizza restaurant in a posh neighbourhood in west London. Oh they are.

I must try that one to see if it has the same feel as its Brixton mother. I will return, but not sure if I want to queue for an hour on a Saturday. But it is definitely worth taking an afternoon off midweek just for this piece of heaven.

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Kay @ Chopstix2Steaknives said...

Only of my girl friends have been trying to get us to Franco Manca for weeks. I can't believe how reasonable the prices are. I really should get myself there.

Mzungu said...

Kay - I resisted for ages. You so have to go,