Tuesday, 17 May 2011

E is for English @ The Breakfast Club in Soho

This is the third outlet in this small mini breakfast chain I’ve eaten at. They have just expanded to one more in Spitalfields, which I guess one day soon I will be eating the Full Monty at.
The Soho branch is, as I prefer, small and cosy. Not many tables and mostly in twos and fours. Six is a pain as there is only one table to eat at. Which if you rock up just after another large group, you are stuffed for well over an hour. Like the large group behind us. Hahahaha.

We were 6, and thankfully we only had the average 20 minute wait. The evil vibe we were sending out worked pretty good. Their are places I do not mind queuing for. Randall and Aubin is one, and the Breakfast Club is another, most other places I get peeved if it’s more than 5 minutes, unless of course I have a drink in hand. Then it’s all aok. Think Polpo.

Onto the food. Well if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all. Service is with a smile and at a good Sunday Brunch speed. They understand what a hangover does to a person and are patient with you. The menu is the same as the others, the food you eat tastes the same, all damn good. Sometimes I like to know that I will get the same food at which ever one I goto, then again I only ever eat the Full Monty. One of the best brekkies in London.

I like the Soho branch a lot, but for me Angel is still the best. It’s the cosiness of the place that wins me over. Probably why I won’t be returning to the Hoxton branch, as it is too large, to unfamiliar, too empty.

The other good news with the Soho branch (not sure if it is the same as the others) is that they have a BYO in the evening. Always good, and I do like their burgers.

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The Grubworm said...

I used to go to the Angel branch a lot, their pancakes, in particular, were pretty damn good. But I never liked the sausages (and I usually love sausages). I can't put my finger on why, but there was just something about the loose texture and taste that put me off.

And then I discovered the scrambled eggs at Ottolenghi and all the Turkish delights on Stoke Newington High St and never really went back. Maybe it's time to give it another go... Just not on a Saturday morning.

Mzungu said...

Mr Grub - I've never had brekkie at Ottolenghi's yet.. Must give it a whirl.
But yeah those Turkish delights on Stokie St are a joy.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the vegetarian full English at the Islington branch, but once I had a burger and it was shockingly bad. Also went for Thanksgiving in 2009 - 80s film quiz was fun and they made a mean pecan pie.

Mzungu said...

Miss Veggie - I bet their film night quiz's are really good fun ....