Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tay Do on the Pho Mile

Another visit to the Pho Mile brought us to Tay Do. For some reason this large restaurant had been missed on our regular walks down the Pho Mile.
As I said it has a large, but bland dining room. The highlight is a street sign from Albert Square hanging on a wall. The hotel like dining room is very beige.
As per normal we ordered the same dishes. We really need to be more adventurous with our ordering sometimes, but I am a creature of habit, and I go to Vietnamese restaurants for 2 things and two things only. Summer Rolls and Pho. Love them to death, and I’m a happy boy when they are good, and a pissed off son of a bitch when they are not.

Thankfully Tay Do delivered and delivered pretty damn well, which was surprising for such a beige dining room. Did I mention the dull dining room?
The service was nice, friendly and patient as it took an age for us to make our minds up on which Pho we wanted, well apart from the Bun Bo Hue, which is a mainstay. Tay Do also does a Special Pho, which could not be missed.
Even though my Bun Bo Hue was pretty damn special, I kinda wished I’d gone for the Bun Cha, but I go into Pho mode every time I walk down that street. Damn those hypnotic sessions. One day I will be free of them.

I did however find a small shop that I’d never seen before that sells ducks tongues. Awesome find, am pretty excited about this, as been meaning to return to Bar Shan for some of those little tasty treats one day soon. Now no need. God help anyone coming round to my place for supper in the future.
The Pho’s both had a good earthy base to them, which is all I want in a good Pho. To be honest, neither really needed a lot of extra seasoning as they were pretty damn good from the off.

The summer rolls were jam packed with lovely prawns and herbs. The prawns were moist and still had some give in them. Phew. The mixture of herbs and salad added a perfect addition. They were wrapped tightly, so after my first bite everything still held together.
I’m gonna return here and have that Bun Cha, but boy I wish they would spruce up that dire dining room. It really is so bland.

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