Saturday, 14 May 2011

Veggie Heaven @ Govinda's

I have a belief that what goes around comes around. So basically this means I’m screwed. Big time.
I did begin by getting some good karma by eating at Govinda’s. A vegetarian Hari Krishna restaurant just off Soho Square all run by volunteers of the Hari Krishna faith. We all love this God, as he’s the cheeky chappy who kept fumbling with the milkmaids instead of doing his Godly duties. Well that is how I read it anyhows.
This was all however washed down the drain, as I entered there with a bag full of tasty porky treats just purchased from Camisa and Sons Italian Deli in Old Compton Street. Bad karma.
I’m sure the Gods were watching and making note for when I need them the most, and they will just shun me, remembering all the bad shit I’ve done all my life. I can just see them all turning their backs on me in disgust. I now need to get some of that good karma back and fast.
I’ve been meaning to eat at Govinda’s for what seems like an age. I can always remember seeing those orange robes amid chanting down Oxford Street once in a while and thinking it would be cool to be a Hari Krishna. It was just for the orange robes you see. Hey, I was a lot younger back then, when I felt free and could do anything I wanted. Oh how I wish I could reverse time and be like that again.

Anyhows I digress. The evil bag was safely hidden away as we both ordered a mini thali and a mango lassi each. All for £16 for us both, a bit of a bargain in Soho these days.
The beans, vegetables and rice we had were all very well spiced and cooked till a very nice al dente. They were actually a cut above most food you find in Indian restaurants here in London. The lime pickles were particularly sour and yummy. Brought back memories of that trip last year.

There are lots of other veggie treats to be had here, especially in the normal thali, which is as in India, is a never ending supply of food. It’s with this you get to chow on the chilli paneer. Yum yum.
The veggie lasagne did actually look pretty good. I wonder if it had a slight Indian twang about it though. Could be interesting to try.

Thankfully Govinda’s is not like some other religious food places I have been into over the years, where as you eat you are forced to listen to sermon after sermon. God damn Church. These volunteers just seem to be happy to cook up delicious food rather than preach to you. Such a relief.
So if you are in the area and want some simple Indian vegetarian food, then Govinda’s should be the first place you should go to. I heartily recommend it, you never know orange may just be your colour.
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Grumbling Gourmet said...

It's definitely a restaurant rather than a way of communicating with people. Go there fairly regularly for a cheap, healthy and tasty lunch. Heartily recommend!

Mzungu said...

GG - It's some of the best veggie food I've had in a long while. I still dig the orange robes though.