Sunday, 29 May 2011

Rasa Sayang Express

There are not too many good options to have a quick snack down Oxford Street. There are some dodgy Chinese buffet noodle joints, and the normal sandwich shops that sell the same same plastic sarnies. So when Rasa Sayang opened a small outlet to feed those tired weary and hungry shoppers it could only equal success.
Well the shop always seems to be very busy whenever I have passed it, although I am rarely in Oxford Street, as I class that street as hell on earth. The weeks before Xmas for me, it is hell itself. As you can see I am not much of a shopper.
On this day, I was tired of the options in and around Soho, and only wanted a quick snack, but everywhere I wanted to eat at was too damn busy. I was hungry and I didn’t want to queue.
This is where Rasa Sayang Express fit the bill. Everything is pre-cooked, and just ready to be warmed and plated up, so service is pretty quick.
The menu at this smaller version of its China Town daddy is a smaller version of the China Town one. There are 17 items on the menu, all priced at £5.99p. Doesn’t that make life easy, although if you only have a fiver, you’re buggered really.
I opted straight away for the Nasi Lemak, although I was tempted by the Curry Laksa, but the thought of a good Nasi Lemak won through. Maybe next time.
It was served in a few minutes and looked the part. It actually tasted the part as well. The chicken curry was really good, nice spicy gravy, the boiled eggs had that truly authentic greyness around the yolk that you only seem to get in Malaysia. The accompaniments were all there. The only downside was the rice. It was too stodgy, under seasoned and not very good at all. Disappointing.
All in all it was an ok meal, ir serves its purpose very well. It’s cheap, spicy and quick, but no where near as good as its China Town sibling.

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