Friday, 18 May 2012

Golden Union Fish Bar

Golden Union is a pretty decent chippie in Soho, where decent chippies are a rare commodity these days.
The restaurant itself is modern, clean, slick with lot’s of friendly waitresses and during the week caters to the needy office crowd in the seated area at the back.
It was Friday, it was lunchtime, I was hungry and had a need for some good ol’ fish n chips. My intentions were to head to Marylebone and the Golden Hind, but hunger got the better of me and I knew that I wouldn’t make it, so I headed to the Golden Union and a plate Friday heaven would be mine.
The menu is pretty good with lots of our favourites and a few more sustainable fish on there as well. I choose Coley, as the Good Fish Guide tell me it is a more sustainable option.

They do serve you a good portion, the chips are hand cut, as I had some really odd shapes and sizes, but although cooked internally, they needed some more time to crisp up a lot on the outside.
The coley was firm but flaky, and it has a lovely taste, quite delicate and very similar to cod. The batter although it was nice, was quite greasy, due me thinks to the oil not being at a high enough temperature when cooked. A shame as this could have been a stunning plate of food. Hey ho.
But for less than a tenner with a coke it was an ok lunch, I just wish I could have held out until I got to the Golden Hind. Next time. But if I’m in the area again and in need of some battered fish, then I’ll return.

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