Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New York Tales : Crack Pie @ The Milk Bar

The small hole in the wall that is Momofuku’s Milk Bar in the East Village was not what we were expecting.
For some reason after eating in the noodle bar a couple of times, and seeing the other restaurants I was expecting something similar.
So the surprise of finding a small shop with some other bleary eyes people queuing for one thing and one thing only was a surprise but a good one.
Yes we were here for the legendary Crack Pie. A pie steeped in urban myth that one bite will leave you addicted for life.
I heard form a friend of a friend who heard it from a guy in a bar that his mate’s younger brother’s best friend had one bite and was totally hooked. He was stealing from his Nan to buy more pie. He was doing 4 slices a day. Bad habit.
I’d gotten used to the Colombian way of eating desserts, which is too just have something sweet at the end of a meal. Unlike the English way, which is to have a whole pudding.
So standing in the queue for my slice of heaven, I noticed that they also had cereal milk on the blackboard as well. Now that I could enjoy, but after several beers that night, the last thing I wanted was milk.
Within moments I was standing outside with all the other expectant druggies, waiting to get their fix.
The slice comes in its very own cardboard box, specially designed to fit one slice of sugar heaven.
Man is it sweet. I seem to have lost my sweet tooth, but boy this I could get used to. It is so chewy, sweet, brown sugary melt in your mouth addictiveness. Yes one bite and I was hooked. We were also speeding our way towards Chelsea where we were staying.
I’m glad we had this at the end of our trip to New York, otherwise I’d have left a lot heavier and slightly addicted as well.
Sorry for the lack of photo of the said Crack Pie, but it was gone in seconds. A bit like a pringle, once we popped we couldn't stop.

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MyFudo™ said...

I am so curious at how this pie looks and tastes, sounds really interesting!

Mzungu said...

MyFudo - I would of taken a photo, but the slice of pie was gone in seconds. I think you may have to take a trip to New York and become addicted.