Saturday, 19 May 2012

Street Food with Pizza Pilgrims

So many times I had wanted to try the pizzas from Pizza Pilgrims, but somehow I was always drawn to those delicious baguettes of Banh Mi 11.
But this time I was determined to give them a go, so walking past my favourite stall, I somehow pushed myself further on down Berwick market past those wonderful looking banh mi. Somehow.

To say Pizza Pilgrims are a mobile operator is an understatement, the oven is in the back of a small van, which I’d only ever seen normally dishing out espressos and lattes. Genius gentlemen, genius.
As with all new pizzas I only ever order the margherita, not only because if they mess up the simplest pizza then they aren’t worth the oven they cook by. But its mainly because I love margherita’s so much.
Within a few minutes of ordering your desired pizza, it’s cut into four, and you are presented with your pizza with an option of some rocket scattered on top, and off you wander.

The pizza dough, which makes or breaks a pizza was lovely and chewy. It reminded me a little of Franco Manca’s pizzas except this wasn’t as crispy enough being cooked in an oven of a lower temperature. The center was not undercooked but was not as cooked as it should have been, but it’s small enough not to cause an issue.
The tomato sauce was good, not too sweet and the mozzarella had melted lovely and was nice and gooey and stringy.
For a street pizza, which I’d never had before, this was brilliant, I’d have been disappointed if this was served in a sit down restaurant, but for munchies on the street this was really good, and the 2nd best option on Berwick Street Market these days.

I wonder how long before these guys do as Banh Mi 11, Meat Wagon and the Pitt Cue Crew go get a more permanent base to serve their brilliant pizzas. I will be queuing for that one.

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All That I'm Eating said...

Sounds good to me! I know what you mean about the margarita having to be good otherwise the others aren't even worth a try.

Mzungu said...

ATIE - Yup if you can't do the simple things right, then what hope is there